What We Do

We are in the implementing stages of our academic and athletic sessions. Our plan is to provide 1 - 3 hour sessions three times a week. Incorporating academics and athletics. Youth will be provided with a healthy meal including sandwiches, fruits and vegetables.

The squash sessions will be specific for each student. Squash will be used to help the students learn about decision making, commitment and hard work. It will include strategies to build strength, discipline, sportsmanship and resilience.

We will also hold a Thursday drop in session where additional squash training will be offered. We plan on offering tutoring and mentorship at our sessions to meet the learning needs of all our players. These plans will focus on allowing the students to be independent learners and build their self esteem and confidence.

Outside of our core weekly programming students will participate in Squash Nova Scotia and Squash Atlantic tournaments and also go on local field trips and cultural events.